Key Industry Verticals

Telecommunication services

Telecommunication services remain vital services globally for consumers and businesses alike for next phase of economic growth. Telecom vertical is a key adopter of BPO globally and provides an opportunity for end-to-end outsourcing – including customer acquisition, customer service, billing and revenue assurance, and network management. Some of the very large outsourcing deals in the recent past have been in the telecom vertical.

e-Government Initiatives

e-Government involves focusing on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to assist in the transformation of Government structures and operations for cooperative and integrated service delivery.There are various initiatives and investments that have been taken up by the Government in Uganda under the e-Government initiative. A number of Government institutions have also taken on computerization projects which increase the potential to outsource.

Utilities and Essential Services

Utility companies and Essential Services around the world are looking for ways to address the evolving needs of their customers. Customer Service in Utilities has traditionally been an integral part of the business however in the recent past, outsourcing in utilities has become a common phenomenon across the world, with major power distribution and energy firms outsourcing an array of services such as billing, call centre support, statement generation and remittance processes.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector has been pioneers in both outsourcing and offshoring. Competition, consolidation, compliance, geographical diversification, new product introduction are key drivers for BFSI firms driving them to become both efficient and innovative.Total BPO spending by this vertical is estimated to be anywhere between US$ 60 to 75 billion and growing at a healthy rate.


Rising cost of healthcare, increased adoption of technology, prevalence of quality and performance based reimbursement models, evolving physician-hospital -patient dynamics are forcing the healthcare industry to recast business and care delivery processes. By leveraging BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), healthcare companies redefine their operating model and maximize value from their business processes. US healthcare spending has doubled since 2002, spending $2.5 trillion or 17.6% of their GDP in 2009. The industry is however grappling with escalating administrative costs.

Education and Content Development

BPO services in education require updating, transcription and collection of information related to student progress records, application cycle, fees collection and enrolment which are essentially call centre, data entry and scanning services.With Internet cutting the geographical barriers, E-Learning is becoming a buzz word with school students. E-tutoring is a part of E-Learning wherein students get help and guidance from On-line tutors sitting miles away from them.