Outsourcing giant India losing to China, small countries

India’s top slot as the favourite business process outsourcing (BPO) destination in the world is being challenged by tiny nations like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and others, besides big brother China and other east European countries.

The latest to join the league is Bangladesh.

Riding the low-cost advantage, several of these countries are making a huge effort to garner an increased share in the growing global BPO, now known as BPM – business process management, market. India’s share in this $186 billion global industry is as big as 36% but the threat of other countries eating into India’s share is looming large.

To the industry’s surprise, Bangladesh, represented by the state-run Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority was one of the sponsors of the annual Nasscom India Leadership Forum (NILF) 2017, held in Bengaluru last month.

“It’s about aspirations of small countries to have their portion of the growing pie in the BPM industry. Bangladesh too is one of them. Bangladesh participated in the NILF, sponsored the event to see how India is doing on this front. The Bangladesh minister spoke to us and sought assistance for developing BPM sector in their country,” said Raman Roy, the vice chairman, Nasscom.

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